Friday, April 21, 2017


I have tried to get back to blogging and life seems to always get in the way but at time things happen and I loop back around to my blog again.  It is like a creative force simmering in the back of my mind.  First let me say that it is a process of relearning my programs and how to take photos in SL, and it is not like riding a bike.  There is so much to learn and do that at times I find myself shying away from it.  Also I sometimes discover that I am not 100% happy with every photo so if this blog updates later it is because I have fretted over the shots.  Second I want to say that this blog is dedicated to Kenadee, a very kind woman whose creative force is overwhelming and I would be surprised to find a woman in SL who does not own at least one pair of her shoes.  I met Kenadee when I needed some assistance and she presented me with amazing customer service.  Being a CSR, Store Manager, and marketing was my career in SL for many years and I have very high standards when it comes to customer support.  Kenadee surpassed them all while being kind and generous the entire time.  Through the conversation we discovered we have many things in common and it was very nice to just have a chat when both of our lives was focused on working in SL.  If you have never discovered REIGN I suggest you take the link at the bottom of this blog and do so immediately.  In fact start with what I am wearing, the REIGN Dazzled Set Gacha that is available at N21. I discovered many amazing items in this set and when I put on several of the pieces it made me feel like a blinged out Wonder Woman!  I am giggling...seriously I should have made myself a gold lasso to wear with it!  The detail, texturing, and jewels in these creations are amazing and this completely plays to my love of shiny things, my friends say I have SADD, shiny attention deficit disorder.  Apparently I am known for shopping with friends and suddenly yelling "Oh look!", only to be discovered looking at shoes or jewelry.  Yes because of this my REIGN folder is massive much to the frustration of Riots wallet.  In these photos I am wearing the gold set which is made up of several rares but trust me when I say that a complete set in any color is well worth the time, effort, and lindens to acquire!  I will provide a link to the REIGN Flickr at the bottom also so that you can get a better look at each piece as there is more then what I am wearing here.  I hope you all enjoy the new round of N21 and fall in love with the REIGN Dazzled Set as much as I have.  I wonder if Kenadee would make a gold lasso?

I wanted to do a shout out to Genesis Lab also in this blog.  I am wearing the Sofie bento head that is at Epiphany in their Luxury Dream gacha.  Riot hates gachas but went and won this head for me because he knew I wanted it.  I am also wearing the Paola natural skin applier from the Paola Skins & Cosmetics gacha that is at Kustom9 which I won myself.  Yes these are gacha rares but again both are worth the expense. MP is a great place to resell the extras and make some of your lindens back after you play the gachas.  The hair I am wearing is an old gacha from Exile called Dancing on my own that is discontinued and I could not find it in my blondes at all.  I was just about to give up when I refreshed my search and several popped up.  I rush to purchase it only to find that it was my own daughter Phedre who had it listed on MP.  She had 3!  I called her in skype and she was actively listing her products.  This is such a cute hair that I feel really lucky to have acquired it.  Yes my daughter gave me my color. Oh if anyone has this in the blacks and want to sell let me know! Okay time for the styling credits!  Have fun playing those gachas!

REIGN Dazzled Set on Flickr:

N21 Landmark:

REIGN Mainstore:

What am I wearing:

Genesis_Lab. - LUXURY_DREAM_GACHA @ Epiphany
02 Genesis_Head_SOFIE Bento RARE

Genesis Lab. - Paola Skins&Cosmetics GACHA @ Kustom9
01 Genesis_Lab_Paola_Skin_Applier_3.0 FATPACK RARE (Tiramisu tone)

{JAS} Betty Armlets & Cuffs @ We Love Roleplay
{JAS} Betty - Gold

MAITREYA Body @ Maitreya

Exile::Dancing on my own 8. Ice blondes @

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